What is Bio Energy Healing?

Bio Energy healing is a deeply holistic & transformative healing modality. This calming & relaxing treatment helps to harmonise the flow of energy within and around the body by removing energetic blockages & re-establishing the natural flow of energy & in doing so optimising the body’s natural healing ability.


How does it work?

We are all surrounded by an electro magnetic field. You may be familiar with the use of the term ‘Aura’ and this is the field we refer to and work with. We are electrical beings and each of us generates our own energy field. This electrical energy has been referred to as life force energy, chi & prana .

When this life force energy flows freely through our energy systems within our bodies – the chakras , meridians and aura , we are healthy and happy as the body is able to maintain itself and its innate ability to regenerate and heal.

When the natural flow of this life force energy is impacted in such a way that it is impeded, becomes stagnant or blocked due to stress, shock and trauma, we subsequently become depleted and drained and our innate energy systems are unable to do their jobs correctly.

Accordingly, this can effect us on any and all levels – physical, mental, emotional, chemical & environmental. Hence , this in turn leads us to draw on our energy reserves until eventually, unless otherwise corrected, can lead to burn out, exhaustion and a myriad of health issues and complaints.

We need to be able to address the individual on all these levels, not focusing on symptoms but rather on the person as a whole and help restore the mind body connection so that the body can get back to doing what it does naturally, self correct and self heal.

This modern world , for all its technological advancements has us living lives that are cortisol saturated, we must interrupt the chronic stress loop that we find ourselves in and reset our systems. Bio Energy Healing is wonderfully nurturing and effective way to do so.


Relax | Recharge | Restore

 Naturally Healing & Holistic

 Feel good, naturally.

Bio Energy Healing is a natural & non invasive healing modality.  Helping to restore the mind – body connection and optimising the body’s natural healing abilities.

Soothe the body , calm the mind , feel better …

  • Anxiety & Stress Related Conditions

  • Low Mood & Depression

  • Sleep Issues

  • Low Energy

  • Clears Emotional Blockages

  • Reduces Physical Symptoms You May Be Experiencing Due To Chronic Conditions
  • Calms Body & Mind
  • Takes The Body Out Of Stress & Allows the Innate To Restore The Body & Body Systems
  • Beneficial Pre & Post Op To Assist The Individual’s Healing Journey Mentally, Emotionally & Physically

  • Helps You Feel Like Your Best Self Again.

People experience a deep state of relaxation during a treatment and these times of chronic stress therapies such as these offers us an invaluable and enjoyable means to reduce our stress and anxiety levels, leaving you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. Restored to a place of calm.


All session times are inclusive of consultation time & Bio Energy work.

The standard protocol for treatment is to have a follow up  set of treatments 6-8 weeks after the initial treatment & 8 – 12 weeks after the second.

This can vary person to person depending on whether the condition being treated is acute or chronic.

  • Bio Energy Protocol

    3 Bio Energy Healing treatments over the course of 3 consecutive days.

    75 mins per session.

    3 x 75mins | €225.00

    Payment in person on first day of treatment or online

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  • Individual Treatment Session

    I would recommend an individual session if you are wanting a top up after having previously completed the course of treatment & of course if you are simply wanting to try the therapy to see how you feel.

    Keep in mind the first session is simply the beginning of treatment, it is getting the energy moving again, which initiates a healing process within the body. Where possible I would recommend investing the time into yourself for the 3 day protocol .

    75 mins | €75.00


Holistic Therapist & Yoga Teacher

 The Natural Path began in 2018 , with the heartfelt intention to help people feel good naturally !

I am delighted to offer Bio Energy Healing , Bowen Therapy , MSTR® Scar Tissue Release & Yoga to assist people on their journey to wellness.

Emma Kennedy | The Natural Path | Holistic Health & Healing | Sligo

Feel Good Naturally

Market Yard  /  Sligo



I cant believe the difference this has made to me, especially the heart burn. I would wake up with heartburn and fall asleep with it, after 2-3 sessions with Emma I couldn’t believe it – I had very little heartburn, a few more sessions and now I’m heartburn free, which still amazes me. I honestly can’t recommend Emma enough, she not only helped me physically but she also takes the time to listen, which shows that she not only cares about your physical well being but also the mental well-being of her clients. I’ve always left my Bowen sessions feeling totally relaxed.

Louise Healy

I have attended Emma for the last year with various problems – neck pain, knee problems, sinus & allergies – all treated successfully. At present receiving treatment for a chronic bowel condition with success. Yesterday I hurt the back of my leg while out walking with my local club. A session of Kundalini yoga with Emma and a Bowen session this a.m, I’m walking normally again this p.m. Some conditions took more sessions to treat than others. As it’s a very relaxing experience, I think I will be her best customer.

Connie Sexton

I found the sessions enormously relaxing, recognising this still days later. Which is its own strong feature or rather healing process.

Wilhelm Bodoweigs

The technique is so gentle that at first I found it hard to believe it could be effective – but it definitely works! Emma is a kind, caring & knowledgeable therapist who is attentive to her patient’s issues. She gave clear instructions on exercises I needed to do to help strengthen & promote healthy joint movement.

Kathleen White