MSTR ® Scar Tissue Release ®

Innovative & Effective Therapeutic Approach For The Treatment Of Scar Tissue

MSTR®/Mc Loughlin Scar Tissue Release® , is a pain free, natural method of helping you with your scars. It is a gentle finger tip pressure that is applied to the area to help free the restrictions that the scar has been creating over the past months, years or even decades.

It truly is an innovation in the treatment of scar tissue.

In Eastern medicine a scar  located anywhere on the body is regarded as a road block, a physical and energetic block resulting in restricted movement of ones
energy/chi,  blood and fluids.

With this in mind we can understand how scars can be exerting a huge influence on our presenting conditions. Scars can create restrictions in the fascia. reduce blood and lymph flow, inhibit movement and functionality, cause pain and numbness and create anxiety and self image problems.

Untreated scars may even be the reason other therapeutic interventions were not effective or did not last as long.

It does not matter how old the scar is  great changes can easily occur within the first  and/or second treatment session.

Why Is The Treatment Of Scar Tissue So Important?

Scar as A Road Block

Scars may feel and look unpleasant. They may even upset us emotionally due to the traumatic events that created them.

Some people feel as if the scar is not part of them. This ‘disassociation’ or lack of feeling whole is quite common with post surgical or post trauma wound scars.

Thankfully help is at hand!

It is wonderful to know that the changes that MSTR® produces are usually permanent and you may ask  –  How so?…

Once MSTR® releases the binding scar tissue there is no physiological reason it reappears ( unless through further injury or surgery ) this is how the reintegration occurs allowing for that sense of wholeness to return.

It truly helps to change lives for the better.

  • All surgical scars – C-section, Hysterectomy, Appendix …. including laparoscopic scars

  • Trauma wound scars including burn scars

  • Non visible scar tissue i.e sports injury


  • Plantar Fasciitis

  • Restricted Shoulders

Even though your scar may be decades old, MSTR has an outstanding record of success!

As an approved MSTR Practitioner I am trained to treat you and your scar in a sensitive, professional manner.

You’re in safe and caring hands.

MSTR® Scar Tissue Release Treatments

Initial Consultation & Treatment

1hr 15mins | €75.00

Follow Up Treatments

1 hr | €60.00