Looking for a natural path to better health & wellbeing? At The Natural Path we want you to feel your best, so you can get on living & doing the things you love to do, freed up from whatever ails you. To assist you on this journey we offer Bowen Therapy, Kundalini Yoga, Radiant Child Yoga & Yoga Nidra at The Market Yard, Sligo. Explore the site to find out more, book a treatment, or find out about yoga classes & upcoming workshops.

What is the Bowen Technique?

Bowen therapy is a dynamic system of muscle & connective tissue therapy. It consists of gentle rolling movements over the muscles, ligaments & tendons which triggers them to relax, regulate & re-balance. The pressure applied to the soft connective tissue (fascia) helps to release stress & tension so then the body can make the appropriate adjustments to realign itself.

These gentle & precise movements are either applied on bare skin or through light clothing. A Bowen treatment sets in motion a cascade of responses within the body as it re-calibrates itself. A Bowen session will continue to create change for several days after your treat treatment.

Bowen speaks the body’s language.

The Holistic Approach

Bowen helps you feel good , naturally.

Rather than focusing on a single complaint, Bowen addresses the entire body, treating the person as a whole and restoring balance.

During a session, the client often drops into deep relaxation or falls asleep. Indicating a profound release from stress & a shift towards parasympathetic influence. This shift could explain, in part, the common observation that a Bowen session seems to reactivate the recovery process in situations where healing from trauma, sickness or surgery has stalled or reached a plateau.

Some of the conditions that respond favourably to Bowen :

  • Anxiety & Stress Related Conditions

  • Back Pain & Sciatica

  • Neck & Shoulder Problems

    (including frozen Shoulder)
  • Post-Operative Recovery

  • Sports & Other Traumatic Injuries

Comprehensive List of Conditions

Bowen is suitable for all individuals, of all ages and in all degrees of health. You do not have to be unwell to benefit from Bowen. It is a highly relaxing therapy which assists the body to function at its optimal level. Clients can experience a deep state of relaxation during a session .

Bowen Treatments

Please allow for up to 90 mins for your first treatment
up to 60 mins for all follow ups.

  • Initial Consultation – €60

  • Follow-up Consultation – €50

  • Kids & Teens – €30

  • Baby Bowen – Free for under 1’s

    (if parent is already a client)
  • Deep Relief Package – €130 For 3 Treatments

    (to be used within 2 months)
  • Sustained Wellness Package – €270 For 6 Treatments

    (to be used within 6 months)

Emma Kennedy

Emma is delighted to offer Bowen Therapy, Kundalini Yoga, Radiant Child Yoga and Yoga Nidra here in Sligo. She wants you to feel better, have less pain & more freedom so that you can enjoy life doing the things you love to do!

Emma is a member of the Accredited Bowen Therapists of Ireland & Australia, a KRI Certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher, an Approved Radiant Child Teacher & a member of the International Kundalini Yoga Teachers Association & Kundalini Yoga Teachers Association of Ireland


Friends & Family Referral Reward

Refer a friend & receive 15% of your next Bowen treatment

(T&C’s apply)

I cant believe the difference this has made to me, especially the heart burn. I would wake up with heartburn and fall asleep with it, after 2-3 sessions with Emma I couldn’t believe it – I had very little heartburn, a few more sessions and now I’m heartburn free, which still amazes me. I honestly can’t recommend Emma enough, she not only helped me physically but she also takes the time to listen, which shows that she not only cares about your physical well being but also the mental well-being of her clients. I’ve always left my Bowen sessions feeling totally relaxed.

Louise Healy

I have attended Emma for the last year with various problems – neck pain, knee problems, sinus & allergies – all treated successfully. At present receiving treatment for a chronic bowel condition with success. Yesterday I hurt the back of my leg while out walking with my local club. A session of Kundalini yoga with Emma and a Bowen session this a.m, I’m walking normally again this p.m. Some conditions took more sessions to treat than others. As it’s a very relaxing experience, I think I will be her best customer.

Connie Sexton

I found the sessions enormously relaxing, recognising this still days later. Which is its own strong feature or rather healing process.

Wilhelm Bodoweigs

The technique is so gentle that at first I found it hard to believe it could be effective – but it definitely works! Emma is a kind, caring & knowledgeable therapist who is attentive to her patient’s issues. She gave clear instructions on exercises I needed to do to help strengthen & promote healthy joint movement.

Kathleen White

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