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Are you looking for a holistic natural path to better health & wellbeing? Perhaps you are in need of a little support on your healing journey. Are you living with chronic conditions that seem insurmountable & wondering what therapeutic options are available to you? There is good news !

Whether you are dealing with a new issue, an ongoing one or are looking for preventative care or maintenance. I offer holistic , complementary therapies & yoga at The Natural Path, a beautiful little sanctuary in Sligo town.

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What is the Bowen Therapy?

Bowen is a dynamic system of muscle & connective tissue therapy. It consists of gentle rolling movements over the muscles, ligaments & tendons which triggers them to relax, regulate & re-balance. The pressure applied to the soft connective tissue (fascia) helps to release stress & tension so then the body can make the appropriate adjustments to realign itself.

These gentle & precise movements are either applied on bare skin or through light clothing. A Bowen treatment sets in motion a cascade of responses within the body as it re-calibrates itself. A Bowen session will continue to create change within the body for several days after your treatment.

Bowen speaks the body’s language.

The Holistic Approach

Bowen helps you feel good, naturally.

Rather than focusing on a single complaint, Bowen addresses the entire body, treating the person as a whole and restoring balance.

During a session, it is not unusual to find yourself in a state of deep relaxation or even falling asleep. This indicates a profound release from stress & it is this shift towards parasympathetic influence where the benefits of Bowen can truly be felt.

Some of the conditions that respond favourably to Bowen :

  • Anxiety & Stress Related Conditions

  • Back Pain & Sciatica

  • Neck & Shoulder Problems

    (including frozen Shoulder)
  • Post-Operative Recovery

  • Sports & Other Traumatic Injuries

Comprehensive List of Conditions

Perhaps you have a condition you are living with that is not listed above – please feel free to contact me at The Natural Path and we can discuss what’s going on for you and how Bowen may be able to help.

Bowen does not claim to cure anything – but the list of conditions that can be greatly improved is truly wonderful, and I see it time and time again when working with people.

‘How many sessions will it take for you to feel a difference?’.

– This varies from person to person and depends on whether the condition is acute or chronic. Clients report feeling much better in themselves from the first treatment with acute conditions resolving or becoming much more manageable in 1 – 3 sessions .

Chronic problems that have lingered for years may respond more slowly as the body works to change an established unhealthy pattern into a new healthy one, in the case of chronic conditions it may take up to 5 or 6 sessions.

Bowen is suitable for everyone, of all ages and in all degrees of health. You do not have to be unwell to benefit from Bowen – it is an enjoyable and effective modality for self-care and a great method for maintaining your best self – whatever that version looks like to you – better sleep, more energy, feeling calm and grounded, greater range of movement, less pain, all of the aforementioned?

Clients experience a deep state of relaxation during a session and in these current times Bowen offers us an invaluable and enjoyable means to reduce our stress and anxiety levels, leaving you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. Restored to a place of calm.

The Natural Path | Holistic Health & Healing | Sligo

Bowen Treatments

Please allow 75 mins for your first treatment & 60 or 75 mins for all follow ups dependant on what you stated at the time of booking or online purchase .

All treatment times are inclusive of consultation time & Bowen treatment.

  • Initial Consultation & Treatment

    €75 | 75 mins

  • Follow-up Treatment

    €60 | 60 mins
    75 | 75 mins

  • Kids & Teens
    €45 | 45 mins

  • Baby Bowen

    € 30 – Free for under 1’s, if parent is already a client.

  • Deep Relief Package
    First time Client


    Initial Consultation & Treatment

    1 x 75 mins + 2 x 60 min treatments

  • Deep Relief Package

    €165 | 3 x 60min Treatments
    €210 | 3 x 75 min Treatments

    (to be used within 6 months)
  • Sustained Wellness Package

    €350 | 6 x 60min Treatments

    €430 | 6 x 75min Treatments

    (to be used within 12 months)
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    Please contact me to schedule bookings after purchase.


Holistic Therapist & Yoga Teacher


The Natural Path began in 2018 with the heartfelt intention to help people feel good naturally.

I offer Bio Energy Healing, Bowen Therapy, MSTR® Scar tissue Release & yoga to assist people on their wellness journey.

Emma Kennedy | The Natural Path | Holistic Health & Healing | Sligo

Feel Good Naturally

Market Yard  /  Sligo



…Bowen sessions have kept my asthma and COPD under control since 2018, I haven’t seen a Doctor since then and no change in medication. Seen a Doctor at least twice a year before that for severe episodes since I was diagnosed. 2023 now and thanks to Emma I’m doing good.


Connie Sexton

Anytime I work work with Emma it’s amazing , from Bowen Therapy to Scar Tissue Release. I had a very deep C – Section scar, both physically & energetically, that was 10 years old, it held huge birth trauma for me ,  he area was numb & the scar tissue deep & thick . Since Emma’s worked on it I can feel sensation around it , the skin is soft & now that the trauma has been released I can happily touch the scar myself.  Emma made me feel so comfortable. After the treatment I felt a huge surge of energy & I felt amazing and my face was glowing!

Tracy Ní Cathail

I don’t know if there are enough words to explain my amazing experiences with Emma! When first I met her I had tendon issues on my hand…several Doctors visits, taking several pills…I was still in pain & wasn’t able to use my arm…after 4 Bowen sessions I was able to use my hand & move my fingers finally!

Second time I visited her I had major problems in my personal life. I was suffering physically, mentally & emotionally …She combined Bowen & Bio Energy therapies & once again helped me more than anyone…she helped me take a deep breath which I thought I never would be able to again…I am still a bit shocked by my experiences. Bio Energy helped me to heal more than I could have imagined…

Çagla Duru
I cant believe the difference this has made to me, especially the heart burn. I would wake up with heartburn and fall asleep with it, after 2-3 sessions with Emma I couldn’t believe it – I had very little heartburn, a few more sessions and now I’m heartburn free, which still amazes me. I honestly can’t recommend Emma enough, she not only helped me physically but she also takes the time to listen, which shows that she not only cares about your physical well being but also the mental well-being of her clients. I’ve always left my Bowen sessions feeling totally relaxed.

Louise Healy

I found the sessions enormously relaxing, recognising this still days later. Which is its own strong feature or rather healing process.

Wilhelm Bodoweigs

100% impressed & amazed! I went to Emma with severe pain in my neck & shoulder travelling down my back & a constant tingling sensation like a dead arm that was driving me mad. I was having sleep issues as a result & had not slept a full night in months. Painkillers , anti –  inflammatories , sleeping pills, nothing was working. After just one session with Emma I knew this stuff worked wonders. I actually slept a few of those nights in the following week….after second session tingling was gone completely, sleeping great & dreaming like crazy & after months of dealing with pain it too is almost gone ….just had my third session  & I am feeling good  & recommending Emma & Bowen to everyone!

Poppy Gurney

The technique is so gentle that at first I found it hard to believe it could be effective – but it definitely works! Emma is a kind, caring & knowledgeable therapist who is attentive to her patient’s issues. She gave clear instructions on exercises I needed to do to help strengthen & promote healthy joint movement.

Kathleen White